Morning fellow lusters. Today I bring you a couple of new pictures from a familiar set of pictures of Elke the Incredible!

Afternoon fellow Elke-lusters! It's still winter, and Elke is still heating up the imagination with another photo of her in a wintertime themed shoot.

Since we're in the middle of winter, I thought that this would be a great time to showcase a new picture of Elke The Stallion in a winter shot. She can easily heat up any cold room!

As always, Elke The Stallion is looking as scrumptious as always in her latest and newest photo shoot called The Red Hole (no, not THAT "red hole"). It's a new year, and yes, I'm still lusting over this female video vixen phenomenon!

Surely, you won't argue that the best way to bring in the New Year is with new pictures of the incredibly thick-assed Elke The Stallion! It's been a time since my last postings, but I have been quite busy with other endeavors. So, without further waiting, here she is.....