Its been a few months, so without further adieu, here is ms. Elke The Stallion's latest pictures from the Eye Candy Network!

Due to the high volume of hits (and responses) from our last Elke the Stallion video posting, The Eye Candy Network has opted to post another video of Ms. Madler dancing and displaying her ass's "talents." Once again, enjoy...

This month, we bring an extra special treat to lusters of Elke The Stallion. We have combined the love that most men have for women who pole dance with Elke The Stallion to get...Elke The Stallion pole dancing on video! And now, without further adieu, Ms. Elke "The Stallion" Madler. Enjoy!

Ok, its a new year and naturally, the Eye Candy Network is proud to bring you more pictures of Ms. Elke The Stallion Madler.

This month, we bring you 2 new pictures (or is it 3) of Ms. Elke "The Stallion" Madler. Imagine getting sick and having her by your bedside...!

To make up for the delay in posting, we at the Eye Candy Network have decided to post multiple pictures of Mrs. Elke (yes, "Mrs" as in "married")-the-Stallion. Now stop reading and get to lusting...!

Proving that you can never have too much of a good thing, this new month, we bring you pictures of Elke The Stallion and various tag-along friends, who aren't bad themselves. Let the leering begin...!