Now, before I get started with my usually crude and tactless remarks regarding this woman, I'd like to thank all of you for the traffic and the interest in my personal shrine to Elke The Stallion. My site now comes up in online searches on both Google and Yahoo. Thanks again fellas (I assume most of you are fellas anyway).
And now, take a look at Elke The Stallion in these impossibly tight jeans. It looks like she had these things spray-painted on. Looking at this picture, even I'm starting to wonder if this object of my eternal lust has had implants....hmmmm!

It's me again, with a couple of more pictures I purloined off Elke's Myspace page. Just look at all that tantalizing thickness. I tell you, I just can't lust enough for her! ;)

This particular picture of Elke The Stallion look as thought she ws just waking up for this photoshoot. It's a new picture I found of a previously displayed set. Still, I wouldn't mind waking up next to her. ;)

I make it no secret that Elke's famous window photos are my personal favorites. After a little searching, I came across new poses from that same window shot. Just look and let your mind lust...

After cruising around the 'net, I found a few versions of older Elke The Stallion pictures, starting with these of her in green.
Just imagine the lucky man who gets to spend his nights wrapped up in them thighs (*sigh*).

This is a newer picture of an older picture of Elke The Stallion in her now-infamous sailor uniform/outfit. Tease!

The Second picture is a new poster of Elke promoting an upcoming appearance in Kansas City.