This month, we bring you 2 new pictures (or is it 3) of Ms. Elke "The Stallion" Madler. Imagine getting sick and having her by your bedside...!

To make up for the delay in posting, we at the Eye Candy Network have decided to post multiple pictures of Mrs. Elke (yes, "Mrs" as in "married")-the-Stallion. Now stop reading and get to lusting...!

Proving that you can never have too much of a good thing, this new month, we bring you pictures of Elke The Stallion and various tag-along friends, who aren't bad themselves. Let the leering begin...!

Again, Ms. Elke The Stallion for your viewing triplicate!

You know, life is so hard when you have to work for The Man and you don't have the time to post the most recent Elke The Stallion pictures in a timely manner. However, I did manage to squeek out a minute or two to bring you the lastest pictures I managed to steal off-line of Ms. Elke. Enjoy!

Psyche...It's not what you thought! Still, it's Elke The Stallion in a bed, wearing a plaid bikini (hey, its the next best thing. LOL).

A few old Elke pictures that escaped public notice that I happen to capture here. Once again, enjoy!

This morning, we present to you another installment of "Lusting With Elke." Today, we have photos of Ms. The Stallion with a couple of her fellow video vixen friends, Cubana Lust and Maliah Michel. They all look delicious in jeans, don't they?

Yes guys, its almost summertime, and here again is your not-so-humble presenter of all all things Elke The Stallion. This week, we present to you a couple of animated pictures of the specimen herself, Ms. Elke The Stallion.

Another springtime day, and another set of new pictures of the one and only Elke The Stallion. Just look at all that...glory!

Welcome to the month of March fellow Elke watcher. Springtime is just around the corner. And with that fact come another picture of Ms. Elke The Stallion, who looks to getting ready for the warmer weather herself. Enjoy!

As a big science fiction buff, I have always thought of how Ms. Elke "The Stallion" Madler would fit into the world of my favorite literary genre. Well, it looks like someone answered my prayers--here is a new picture of Elke with a futuristic theme.

Morning fellow lusters. Today I bring you a couple of new pictures from a familiar set of pictures of Elke the Incredible!

Afternoon fellow Elke-lusters! It's still winter, and Elke is still heating up the imagination with another photo of her in a wintertime themed shoot.

Since we're in the middle of winter, I thought that this would be a great time to showcase a new picture of Elke The Stallion in a winter shot. She can easily heat up any cold room!

As always, Elke The Stallion is looking as scrumptious as always in her latest and newest photo shoot called The Red Hole (no, not THAT "red hole"). It's a new year, and yes, I'm still lusting over this female video vixen phenomenon!

Surely, you won't argue that the best way to bring in the New Year is with new pictures of the incredibly thick-assed Elke The Stallion! It's been a time since my last postings, but I have been quite busy with other endeavors. So, without further waiting, here she is.....