The picture on the left (or, more left) is one of Elke showing the angel's wings tattoo on her back, as shown on TLC's "Ink." The one next to it is a variation of another already posted on The Elke Shrine. So click on them, see them enlarged, and lust already! LOL

It's a new year, and I'm still discovering variations of pictures already previously published of Elke The Stallion, like these lingerie and bikini pictures from prior postings. Enjoy!

For those of you (like myself) who consider yourselves a "legs man," I give you a peek at Elke's amazing gams!

I'm sure that you've all seen this picture (as soon as I can find the files, there are some of her in this particular outfit and in this background from many angles), but it deserves another look. Talk about perfection...

The one on the right needs no caption, other than she's in the right pose you need her to be in if you're going know! ;)

Elke The Stallion is truly a W.I.L.F (not a "Mother" as far as anyone knows)! She has ass to spare!!!