Is it my imagination, or it Elke The Stallion actually getting thicker (as in, less voluptious)? You decide.

...and for your viewing pleasure, here is Elke The Stallion's episode on TLC's "Ink" as she gets her wing tattoo(s). Enjoy

These are the two latest Elke The Stallion pictures that I purloined off her Myspace page. I'll just step back and let you take in the awesomeness of her thick, shapely, curvy body!

I'll let THIS one speak for itself!

Just in case you never saw this, I came across this behind-the-scenes photoshoot on You Tube. I took the liberty of posting it here. Taken in front of a green screen, it's obvious that her image was going to be placed over various background images (some you will probably recognize from her outfits). It takes a slow methodical look at all of Elke The Stallion's bodily curves. Enjoy!

After that brief (but appreciated) Serena Williams interlude, we now come back to more of Elke The Stallion. Another miscellaneous picture I pirated off her home page (it's actually supposed to be an animated GIF image)

We interrupt your lusting over Elke The Stallion so we can bring you the following specimens of the one-and-only Ms. Serena Williams--THE only woman I would kick Ekle to the curb for. Them jeans she's wearing are tighter than the skin on a Polish Sausage. Those legs would make the hardest "Player" melt. And those pictures from September's issue of Men's Fitness Magazine..."O..M..G!" (in a Valley Girl dialect)

LIke I said before, I love a conservatively dressed woman, and a thick fine woman like Elke in this black dress sporting heels makes me weak! Your eyes get tired just trying to keep up with following the curves she has in this outfit!

Another morning, another set of Elke The Stallion pictures. Given the number of different pictures I have posted thus far, you may be able to tell that I have a thing for her.
Some have said that her "lips are too much." Personally, I could kiss those puppies forever and a me they are just right! I think these particular pictures give you the true scope of her thick sexy body! ;)

I'm thinking that maybe Elke The Stallion should consider re-naming herself Elke The Incredible after this particular set of photos, especially the last 2 (the balcony shot and her looking like a Spanish Maiden)

A particularly nice poster of Elke. The things I would like to do with her I can't post here, but suffice it to say that it would result in a whole litter of multiracial children! LOL

Check out Elke on this Digital Dolls poster. Notice how she fills out her schoolgirl outfit better than the other attractive women on this poster? She's got an ass that you would love spending eternity pounding!

The first picture is a new Elke the Stallion montage, while the others are classics that other men like myself have already lusted over. LOL (When I die, I want to be reincarnated as that bike she's straddling!)

The shot of Elke is my absolute favorite! Sexy and tasteful. I think it deserves a post by itself! It speaks for itself...comments?

Personally, I love the shot of her in the denim shorts on the of my personal favorites! The one below of her on the balcony shows how thick this woman's body truly is! The one of her holding the umbrella (or is that a parisol?) sporting those incredible rub red lips...priceless!

Elke on the Cover of Rear View Magazine (never heard of it before, but I suppose a magazine title with a name like that is long overdue. LOL).
Elke on a swing, with an oversized lollypop...I'd love to spank that ass for being a "bad girl."
The blue bikini shot...priceless.

Elke leaning over a coffee just the right position for a real ass-waxing!