It saddens me to say this, but Elke The Stallion had a baby earlier this year (which I didn't know about until today). Making the baby with Elke must be what Nirvana, Enlightenment, and an Out-Of-Body experience all rolled up into one is like (some dude out there is a really lucky bastard! LOL). Anyway, look and lust at these new Elke pictures (two postings in a single week...the gods must be looking down on you fellow lusters).

Morning once again Elke The Stallion admirers! Today I present a real treat...The Stallion in incredibly (almost impossibly so) tight jeans. Admittedly, one of these pictures is a repost, but the others are pretty much like a cherry on a sundae. I'm tempted to make some crude sexual remark about the effect these pistures would have on any man, but instead, I'll just suggest you make up your own sexual comment. ;)
As an aside note, this is Elke's "true" hair color, although personally, I prefer the black color she has worn for most of the past few years.